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Letter Tamers


2nd letter

Riordan disappoints

Learning that we were not the only group to be disappointed by the Office of the Mayor’s seeming lack of concern for international trade was a relief to us but remains a major concern to our city.

It took the Council of European-American Chambers more than two years to have Mayor Riordan address our group, which is comprised of 10 local European-American Chambers of Commerce, representing more than 3,500 business people.

Having to document the importance of the European Union not once, but three times, left our group incredulous. Once the program did take place we were pleased to spend time with the mayor, but utterly dismayed in that, rather than focusing on international trade issues, it was a 15-minute light-hearted look at inter-cultural differences.

Should we decide to invite Mayor Riordan’s main challenger to address our group before the next election, we certainly hope that he or she will show more of a genuine interest in international trade matters.

Josseline Tamers

President, French-American Chamber of Commerce

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