Letter Schloessman



Given the importance of the proposed downtown arena to the City of Los Angeles and the enormous amount of support that has been shown by numerous organizations (labor, residents, businesspeople and taxpayers), I find the headline of the March 31 article, “Downtown Arena Will Snarl Traffic,” extremely offensive and misleading.

The biggest problem the proposed downtown arena has had to battle is misinformation. Once the public and the City Council understood the tremendous positive impact the downtown arena would have on this city, there was an overwhelming show of support for it.

The benefits of the proposed arena have been stated, and the EIR confirmed that the downtown Convention Center site is the best location for the arena. Your article even detailed a number of these benefits. So why are you choosing to emphasize (with the headline) the relatively minor negative impacts?

Los Angeles has been tagged as “unfriendly to business” and is fighting a battle to improve this situation. There can only be positive effects to supporting business and projects that bring revenue to our city. In addition to all the tangible financial benefits (revenues, jobs) that the city will receive from the proposed arena, it will also help revitalize the center of our city, rebuilding the image of Los Angeles and attracting more business and visitors to this market.

I implore you, and other journalists in Los Angeles, not to undermine the efforts that are being made to improve this city and help make sure that the public is getting a more accurate picture in the future.

Kathryn S. Schloessman

Senior Vice President

CB Commercial Real Estate Group Inc.

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