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Arena Benefits

As president of the Latin Business Association, I am pleased to see plans moving forward for a new major sports and entertainment arena in downtown Los Angeles. The new facility, planned on and adjacent to the current Convention Center site, will contribute substantially to the revitalization of the downtown area and will provide a suitable home for two teams, the Kings and the Lakers, that already have a place in the city’s heart.

In addition, the developers of this project have shown a commitment to working with community-based businesses, including Hispanic-owned businesses. This will be good for business owners and good for the city.

Any project of this size and scope will have unavoidable impacts. However, it is important to emphasize that the recent draft environmental impact report demonstrated that the Convention Center site will achieve the best balance of environmental planning and economic revitalization for this important area of the city.

It is with great pride and anticipation that I place my full support behind the downtown arena project.

Let’s work together to build a facility of which all of Los Angeles will be proud.



Latin Business Association

Los Angeles

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