Lawsuit Alleges Chairman Threatened to Kill Executives


The former vice president of a Pasadena-based subsidiary of Garda World Security Corp. filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday claiming the chairman of Garda World Security threatened to kill any executives who spoke publicly about the Montreal-based company’s financial problems.

Richard Irvin, a former vice president of ATI Systems International Inc., filed a lawsuit claiming Garda World Security chairman Stephan Cretier threatened him and other top executives during a 2007 meeting.

According to the suit, Cretier allegedly threatened to kill any executives or the family of any executive who leaked information about the company’s financials to the press.

Irvin claims Garda World Security, one of the world’s largest integrated security companies, was experiencing serious financial problems. But those problems weren’t reflected in the company’s public reports.

In a press release issued Friday, Garda Security World denies the accusations, stating the claims are “totally false, outrageous and without merit.”

The release further states that “the allegations are a blatant attempt to destroy Garda’s good name and reputation in a pernicious and defamatory attempt to extort additional severance compensation from the company.”

In a separate complaint, Irvin sued ATI, Garda World Security and Cretier for breach of contract and fraud. In the suit, Irvin claims he was fired after learning that company allegedly misrepresented its financials.

In 2007, Garda World Security acquired ATI Systems International for $393 million. The company provides security, armored transport and cash-handling services.

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