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LABJ FORUM: Santa’s Annual Mad Rush

LABJ FORUM: Santa’s Annual Mad Rush

Holiday shopping can be frustrating, tiring and expensive, making it very easy to procrastinate this time of year. With the prospect of battling crowds and getting stuck with picked-over merchandise, the Business Journal Asks: Have you finished your holiday shopping?

Sean Collins



Not even close! I’m a last minute shopper and prefer to go to small boutiques that specialize in unusual items, such as museum shops. That makes it a bit easier simply because these types of gifts are not everyday items. People really remember these gifts.

Robert Soares


Kellogg & Andelson Accountancy Corp.

I leave the shopping to my wife, she’s the organized one. She pretty much does 95 percent of it, but I do get something for the kids and for her. I’m always a last-minute kind of guy, but it’s never really been a problem. Everything I’ve ever wanted to get was still there, so I’m on a streak.

Emy Coligado


“Malcolm in the Middle”

This year I’m knitting my gifts. So, I’m sure I’ll be knitting Christmas Eve. My place has balls of yarn everywhere, it’s a cat’s dream.

David Vinturella

Director of Corporate Partnerships

Los Angeles Avengers

I haven’t even started. I usually do it on the 24th. Normally, I have a list of exactly what I want, so I know where to go and what to get. I pretty much figure out what to get on my own, but I do have two little sisters who tell me exactly what they want.

Michael Kohn

Senior Vice President,

Business Affairs

Game Show Network

No, unless you tell me it’s Dec. 24th.

Wayne Saldana

Sr. Vice President/Regional Manager

Charles Dunn Co.

Is it the holidays? I didn’t get the memo. Like every year, I wait until Dec. 22 to start my shopping. Stores start to get desperate as Christmas gets closer, so most gift items are on sale. I always look for the best deal.

Suzan Hughs


Herbalife Family Foundation

No, I haven’t checked my list yet and I’m not checking it twice. I love to shop, but this year is a little different because of the economy. I think money will be a good gift, and personal services like massages. Giving personal gifts keeps two people happy. Someone gets to work, and the person who gets it gets to enjoy the service.

Scott Harris


Mustang Marketing & Advertising

Yes. I have an excellent wife.

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