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LABJ FORUM: Promises, Promises

LABJ FORUM: Promises, Promises

It’s that time again. As 2003 rolls in, many of us will take at least a few moments to reflect on this past year and resolve to make changes for the new one. So the Business Journal Asks:

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Scott Farb


National Real Estate Group

Rothstein, Kass & Co.

A recent death in my family has brought home a new life perspective we should all share throughout the year good health, great friends and taking the time to enjoy life. And I will take a little bit of luck too!

Geoff Bland

Managing Director

Mercury Partners

To spend more time with my family and friends, and make more new investments. I have a young family now, I have two daughters two and a half and eight months and I love spending evenings playing with them.

Judith Connell

Director of Research and Development Institute for Healthcare Advancement

Since I’m working in health care for the uninsured, I hope to keep finding ways to treat people and provide services, especially in the face of budget cuts.

Patricia Murar


Los Angeles Women’s Foundation

I really want to turn the foundation into a place where women can gather and talk about issues that involve women, much like a salon. Women are just yearning to do that. But everyone is so busy with their professional lives and home lives that it’s hard to get away. I would like them to know there is a place they can go to, drop by and discuss issues such as all-girl schools or being an artist.

Jeff Dreesman


Vice President


Are you kidding? Who has time to make New Year’s resolutions? I’m still working on last year’s. No, seriously, I don’t make any resolutions because it’s the surest way for them not to come true.

Margie Ghiz


Midnight Special Bookstore

My resolution is to get rid of George Bush if he invades Iraq. Of course I would like to find a new location for our bookstore because we have to move in February. And on a personal note, I would like to lose 10 years.

Mindy Sterling


I resolve to continue to pamper myself with massages, personal training and more baths.

Jeffrey Kavin


Greenblatt’s Deli & Fine Wines

I’m going to take my work more seriously and drink more wine next year. I think I’m going to look around and try to see things differently instead of doing things the same way. And I want to take a look at what is going on with the government in Sacramento and do something about it because I think special interests are controlling the government to the detriment of us all.

Ray Holdsworth


Aecom Technology Corp.

My resolution is to eat less, exercise more and reduce my body fat. But the body fat part is more of a hope than a resolution.

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