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LABJ FORUM – Play Ball?

Play Ball?

Many fans were confused to put it mildly when Dodgers general manager Paul DePodesta dismantled the team in trades involving 14 players, including the popular catcher Paul Lo Duca. But DePodesta said he needed to firm up the Dodgers’ first chance at the playoffs since 1996. So the Business Journal asks:

What do you think of the Dodger trades?

Cindy Rakowitz

Founder and Chief Executive

Rak N Roll Entertainment Inc.

My husband is a die-hard Dodgers fan so we actually had discussions about it. We decided that we have faith in the new management. I believe in the new kid. I think Paul DePodesta knows what he is doing and we are going to see a lot of wins. Just watch. When you are a die-hard Dodger fan, you have to believe that there is a covert strategy here.

Karen Wood

Founder and President

Backstage Creations Inc.

I’m not an expert in this and I don’t profess to be. But I think it is a shame that Lo Duca is gone. Every team needs a good catcher. But overall it is a good move. The Dodgers have been criticized in the past for not having any new blood. They made a great trade with Brad Penny. He can hold up under pressure and hopefully will help bring them some wins. The verdict is still out. Everyone has their opinions until they win or lose.

Ron Barzen


McGladrey & Pullen LLP

It sounded like an awfully risky trade to me. Short of the Dodgers going all the way this year, the management will be criticized. Now that they have to win, they’ve put themselves in a corner. The players they traded were not only popular, but they were among the best they had, so it would be difficult to trade for better players. It’s not so much their popularity, but their contribution to the team.

Melissa Klekner

Marketing Director

RBB Architects Inc.

I definitely think it’s madness but I hope there is a method to it. Why would you break up a team that is doing so well? I don’t quite understand why you would give away the heart of the Dodgers and also take away one of our best setup men in (Guillermo) Mota. Let’s hope we can still make it to the playoffs but I’m not too hopeful at this point.

John G. Ellis

Managing Director

Integra Realty Resources Los Angeles

I’m sorry to see Paul Lo Duca go. There was a lot of appeal that he brought to the team a focal point. The pitching seems to have taken a step up. For them to do well and make the playoffs, they are going to have to do well in their low-scoring games. I think (Brad) Penny will help in that way. But if I were general manager of the Dodgers, that is not a trade I would have made.

J.P. Simoes

Vice President

Schecter Guitar Research

I’m actually a die-hard Yankees fan but I can’t believe they got rid of Lo Duca. That’s the one that hurt the most. He hustles. He’s got a huge heart. He was a huge contribution to the Dodgers being in first place. It was along the same lines as getting rid of Eric Karros (last year). But if it pays off, then (DePodesta) will quiet the critics. Who am I to question him?

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