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LABJ FORUM – From Athens, With TiVo

LABJ FORUM – From Athens, With TiVo

The history of the modern Olympics is one of memorable moments: From the medal sweeps of Mark Spitz in 1972 to Mohammed Ali holding the torch in Atlanta in 1996. But the television ratings during the first week in Athens were off from past Olympics and organizers have been having a hard time filling the stands. So the Business Journal asks:

Are you watching the Olympics?

Andrea Cockrum

Chief Executive

Fulfillment Fund

Yes. I start out watching the recap on the “Today Show,” with interviews with the winners and clips of the events. When I get home, I start watching at about 8 p.m., whatever’s on. It’s such a breath of fresh air to see something so positive these days. I’m acutely disappointed when the U.S. loses. The men’s gymnastics was the most exciting event so far. The pressure is so amazing. I’m really happy with the NBC coverage, especially the interviews with athletes and their families. And you get to see the Olympic Village.

Robert Lee

Commercial Real Estate Broker

Sperry Van Ness

Yes, men’s and women’s volleyball and a little bit of swimming. I usually just watch those, along with basketball and the big track and field events, like the decathlon. I was disappointed we lost basketball. I didn’t watch it, I was traveling. There’s a lot of coverage.

David Reeve

Associate Recruiter

Technical Connections Inc.

I have watched a little bit every day. And I hear about it on the radio. The other night, I watched some swimming and men’s gymnastics. I didn’t watch the opening ceremony because I was traveling. I find the coverage difficult because NBC breaks it up between multiple channels, so that’s frustrating. In the TV Guide it lists only the day’s events, not what time each one is playing. So I can’t program my TiVo. I pay attention to the stories that develop surrounding the athletes. Someone always turns out to be a superstar.

Debby Adelman


DB Adelman Business Management

I haven’t been watching at all, I just haven’t had the time. I did watch part of the opening ceremony, which I really enjoyed. Usually I watch certain events like gymnastics or swimming, men’s and women’s.

John Laney

Chief Executive

CM IT Solutions

Yes. I don’t see how you can avoid the Olympics, there’s so much spirit surrounding it. I don’t like it when we concentrate too much on the medal count. It brings us back to when we were competing with the U.S.S.R. The swimming and diving are really fun to watch. The most exciting event so far was the relay, the 400 meter, when it came down to the U.S. and Australia. I think the media does a good job of picking out athletes and making them into stars. You need to know who the competitors are and what their credentials are.

Mike Chevedden


Image Solutions Print & Mail Inc.

Yes. They haven’t shown my favorite event yet, the men’s 1,600 meter (track event). I like that one because it’s short enough that it’s interesting, and long enough that there’s lots of tactics. Anyone who has gotten this far is no slouch, so it’s disappointing that the media is making some athletes out to be heroes. As if it’s a disgrace to get a silver medal.

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