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LABJ FORUM – Driving v and Eating, Calling, Reading

LABJ FORUM – Driving and Eating, Calling, Reading

Depending on your point of view, cell phones are the ultimate multitasking convenience or just another dangerous annoyance. With little hard data to guide it, the state Senate is considering a bill that would require drivers to use hands-free devices when talking on cell phones in the car. Supporters say that the bill, which passed the Assembly in May, will cut down on traffic accidents. Opponents say the phones are being singled out over other dangerous habits such as eating, daydreaming and even yelling at the kids. So the Business Journal asks:

What do you do in your car on your drive to work?

Abbe Land

Co-Chief Executive

L.A. Free Clinic

I listen to the radio to get the news headlines and I occasionally make a phone call because I have many to return. I try to drive as safely as possible. It’s a short ride, so I try to pay attention to the road, and to get there in one piece.

Elizabeth Meyer

Taylor & Co.

On my way to work, as usual, I listen to NPR and try to avoid several accidents.

Bruce Zeedik

Chief Financial Officer


Until Jan. 1, I traveled 60 minutes each way. I listened to a lot of tapes, books on tape history, dramas and a little bit of talk radio, mostly sports. Now I work two miles from work and I barely get the car warmed up. I just run the tapes five minutes at a time.

Dr. Barbara Hecht


John Tracy Clinic for Parents of Young Children With Hearing Loss

I have gotten hooked on books on tape. I listen to mystery stories. It definitely gets my mind off the traffic.

Patrick Petre


Providence St. Joseph Medical Center

I spend my time in the car planning my day ahead at the Medical Center.

Darren Jordan

Account Executive

Bear Advertising Inc.

I put on my new Annie Lennox CD and listen to that as I get in.

John Warren

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Forest Lawn Memorial Parks

Primarily I listen to books on tape, if I’m not on the phone. I have more NIMBY rage than road rage.

Ron Call

Vice President and Relationship Officer

American Business Bank

I commute for an hour to an hour and a half. I listen to inspirational music and inspirational books on tape. I check the traffic on the news report. I have a hands-free function on my phone and I will make appointments and follow up on voicemails. If the Dodgers are on on the way home, I’ll listen to them.

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