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LABJ Forum: And the Winner Will Be…

LABJ Forum: And the Winner Will Be…

The U.S. may be at war, but many Angelenos have another issue on their minds: the 74th Academy Awards. It’s a year where there’s no clear-cut favorite to sweep. But any uncertainty will be resolved on March 24 when the winners are announced at the new Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. So the Business Journal asks: Which film do you think will win the Oscar for best picture and which film do you want to win?

Jennifer Dickens

Director of Marketing

Gumbiner, Savett, Finkel, Fingleson & Rose Inc.

That’s an easy one. I think it’s going to be “A Beautiful Mind.” It’s a very well-done movie that’s complex enough to make it intriguing because you can’t tell what’s reality from his delusions. I want “A Beautiful Mind” to win. And I want Russell Crowe to win best actor. Movies are usually easy to figure out. In this movie, if nobody tells you what the movie is about you’re totally shocked halfway through.

Marion A. Perkins

Vice President and Manager,

Pasadena Western Security Surplus Insurance Brokers Inc.

I pay so little attention to that stuff. It’s just an ego trip for all these people. It’s just a chance for them to parade around and strut on stage. If I want to watch a movie I’ll watch a movie. I don’t have to watch these people give each other awards and pat each other on the back.

Leili Nassiri

Associate Director of Planning

Inter/Media Advertising

“A Beautiful Mind.” That’s what I want to win, but I think it will be “Lord of the Rings.” I just saw a lot of positive stuff about it at the SAG awards. It’s just a gut feeling, not an educated guess.

Gary Kowalski

Managing Director of Los Angeles Office

Parson Group LLC

Who’s up for best picture? Any idea? Because I don’t know. It hasn’t been something I’ve been paying much attention to. If someone named them I’m sure they’d jog my memory. I’ve seen some good films this year. I saw “A Beautiful Mind.” It was a good film.

Anthony Jackson

Vice President for Strategic Development and Communications

The Galef Institute

“A Beautiful Mind” and “A Beautiful Mind.” It’s a fantastic picture. I happen to be a psychiatrist by training and it was a very interesting and well-done portrayal of mental illness and very hopeful that the illness can be overcome or handled. It was hopeful in the sense that the human spirit can triumph over very devastating circumstances.

Diane Brigham

Executive Director

Ryman-Carroll Foundation

You are asking the wrong person. Honestly, I have not kept up with Hollywood movies this year. What does that say about the state of Hollywood movies? What does that say about me? I don’t have time. I’m taking on a new job that I’ve been concentrating on.

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