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My Favorite Sites

My Favorite Sites

David Cullipher, President

Digital Deviants


This is Raymond Kurzweil’s site. One of his companies makes musical instruments, synthesizers and stuff like that, but this site is all about computing and artificial intelligence. He writes articles about computing and how it’s going to affect our life in the future; artificial intelligence and the ramifications of it. It also has message boards where people have technical and philosophical discussions about artificial intelligence. The site is for everybody you don’t have to be a genius to understand what they’re talking about but it can get a little intense.


This site allows you to download information to hand-held devices, such as your Palm Pilot. Basically, tell them what you want business news, for instance. You can also get things like directions or movie listings, and it downloads right onto your hand-held device. The site will update your Palm every time you sync it to your PC.


This is the Macintosh News Network. We do most of our development with Macs. Not only does this site have the latest technology news for Macs, but also the latest about the multimedia and graphics industries. You can also post questions and comments and people reply pretty quickly. So it’s an online community as well.

Conor Dougherty

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