Veto School District Bill

Gov. Wilson should veto Senate Bill 1258, which would make it virtually impossible to break up the L.A. Unified School District or any other school district.

It is without question that there is waste and lack of accountability from administrators, principals and school teachers at all levels in the LAUSD. The abysmal test scores make this all too plain.

Parents work hard for their money and they, as well as the rest of society, are entitled to value for their money. Without the ability to effectively guide our children’s education at a local level, there can be no representative democracy. The expanded authority granted to charter schools is not a substitute for being able to ultimately control our own educational destiny. Additionally, the options to retain both charter schools and portions of the LEARN program will still be available following the breakup of the LAUSD.

Sen. John Vasconcellos’ bill is based on an offensive intellectual premise: that people are incapable of judging the success and failure of education and that professional “experts” invariably know best. I reject that categorically.

California needs an educated work force. We need better educated people to make welfare reform work and we must have more educational success to help prevent crime.

We must restore to children of all backgrounds the hope that they will lead better lives than their own parents a hope that their parents had themselves when they were young. For all of these reasons, and more, Gov. Wilson should Veto SB 1258.


President, Reseda-Tarzana Republican Women’s Federated

Member, California Republican State Central Committee

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