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Bill Will Protect Businesses

The Legislature still has an opportunity to move forward to prevent frivolous Year 2000 lawsuits and protect businesses and consumers from costly litigation (“Software, Finance Firms Form Year 2000 Coalition,” April 20). Fixing the Year 2000 problem before it causes any computers to fail is a much better course of action than litigating the problem after businesses are already affected.

The importance of AB 1710 to California’s economy cannot be overestimated. By encouraging companies to make software Year 2000 compatible and discouraging lawsuits that exploit the issue, the Legislature will send a message that demonstrates California’s ability to create the conditions that small and large businesses alike need in order to grow and to create jobs.

The Legislature must act now to create a fair and balanced approach to heading off voracious lawsuits while protecting California consumers and businesses.


President, Association for California Tort Reform

Member, Year 2000 Legal Coalition

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