Let’s Get Together

As mentioned in your recent editorial (“Non-United L.A.,” Nov. 24), the L.A. economy indeed comprises a disparate group of businesses. We’ve found that when you put business owners together, they have a tremendous amount in common. The vagaries of running a business help them form a cohesive bond, so it is clear that we need to create more opportunities for people to come together around their common interests our goal for the recent Economic Action Summit.

New York, San Francisco, Dallas and even Phoenix have long-established industries and businesses that are united unofficially within long-standing organizations and clubs the origins of the “old-boy network.” Not only is L.A. too diverse culturally for this, but its businesses have been created by thinkers and dreamers who don’t fit into the square holes of the pegboard. They were too busy making this economy the 21st largest in the world to participate in these organizations.

Getting these small and medium-sized businesses to a meeting is like herding cats, but if you get just a few of the top cats there, connections are made that can result in identifying leaders and flexing our formidable regional muscle to achieve our common goals.

It’s our battle cry: “Together We’re the Best, Los Angeles.”


Executive Director

New Los Angeles Marketing Partnership

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