It’s easy to see the diversity of L.A.’s business community just browse through the Business Journal’s list of 30 up-and-comers.

A 24-year-old record executive working at Madonna’s new label, a 34-year-old Korean American money manager beating the odds in a tough market, a 39-year-old attorney who broke ranks and is in line to run one of L.A.’s biggest companies these are among the stories, big and small, that make up this year’s up-and-comers.

So how did we make our selections? Basically, we looked for people who are hitting their stride people who have shown that something extra in whatever business they happen to be in. That includes lawyers, real estate brokers, editors as well as the owner of a local frame company.

While many of our picks are in their 20s and 30s, age isn’t a prerequisite talent, ambition and success are. It’s an eclectic group by design; these are the people who represent L.A.’s present and future.

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