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We all know that anyone who tries to get business done in Europe in August might as well forget it. But what about here? Some American business owners have complained that the traditional summer slowdown was making its way across the Atlantic, with summer vacations, short hours on Fridays and long holiday weekends. But with the California economy on the upswing, will offices be bustling throughout the summer? The Business Journal Forum asks:

Is there any such thing as a summer slowdown in business anymore?

John Francesco

Director of Pre-Construction

Tishman Construction Corp.

In construction, it would be just the opposite. People tend to wait for the good weather to begin construction projects. In summer you have more daylight, and if you are working in an area not restricted by noise ordinances, you can more easily work a double shift. So for us, summer is a season when we try to get things done.

Jason Graves

Senior Account Executive

In-Finn-Ity Direct

I don’t see it. We do direct response television commercials and we have our plate full of clients that roll out in the fall two of which are snow-oriented. We have a lot of projects that are just on the verge of closing and want to be on the air just after Labor Day, so we are into the high-pressure season at this time.

Edmund M. Einy

Senior Designer

Lee, Burkhart, Liu Inc.

I don’t think there is in this industry. Toward the beginning of the year, generally the first quarter, it seems to be a slower period for architects. There doesn’t appear to be any summer relationship in this business. We’re very tied in with the general economy, and business has more to do with that than the time of year.

David Sacco

Executive Chef

Long Beach Marriott

In the catering business, summer, as well as all the other months, are busy, very steady. But as far as the hotel business goes, it is dependent upon the type of clientele you cater to. Since we cater to more of the corporate-type client, we are not as busy in the summer as those hotels that cater strictly to tourists. But it does allow us to do some fun things like weekend barbecues all summer long that we serve up pool-side for our guests.

Debby Pachal


Corporate Account Executive

Our slow time is between the big holidays such as Thanksgiving to New Year’s. We’re always busy in summer. Fiscal contracts start in July and end in June, and since we service many government agencies, we are working within their budgeting schedule which means that summers are typically very busy.

Jacob Tamazyam


Baskin-Robbins 31 Ice Cream Stores

In the ice cream business we’re busiest in the summer because it’s hot. We go through about 40 five-gallon tubs of ice cream each week during the winter, and that number doubles in summer. We do plan ahead so we never run the risk of running out of ice cream.

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