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He’s baaack! Richard J. Riordan will be at the reins of Los Angeles for another four years following his overwhelming victory over state Sen. Tom Hayden. His list of accomplishments in the first term include the development of a business team; streamlining of the film-permitting process; securing $400 million in federal funds for the Alameda Corridor project, and boosting the number of officers in the Los Angeles Police Department. The Business Journal Forum asks:

What should Mayor Riordan’s top priority be for his second term?

Jay Wintrob

Vice Chairman and President

SunAmerica Investments

I think the three areas that Mayor Riordan should prioritize are the following: public safety, charter reform and, finally, he should continue to focus on ways to bring economic growth to our city.

Mark Sullivan

Senior Managing Director

Julien J. Studley Inc.

To continue to make Los Angeles a business-friendly place. I think that a lot of the red tape and license fees, taxes and other financial penalties on people in Los Angeles have to continue being looked at, and have to be in line with what other comparable cities impose upon large businesses.

Andrew C. Roth

Branch Manager

Linsco Private Ledger

He should pick up where all the promises left off several years ago and help rebuild the inner city and develop programs that provide jobs for those less privileged.

Gail Title

Managing Partner

Katten, Muchin & Zavis

He needs to convey a sense of sincerity about building a better society a sincerity that shows he’s not just addressing a few socio-economic elements in society. He should act more like he cares about the people of Los Angeles.

Peter Roth

Sr. Manager

Grant Thornton LLP

His emphasis should continue, as it appeared to be in his previous term, on creating jobs and crime control. Those are probably the two most important issues facing residents in Los Angeles.

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