L.A. is still in search of a National Football League franchise, and a place for that team to play. Last week in Palm Desert where some of the leaders of the effort pushed their plan for bringing a team to the Coliseum NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue speculated that L.A. Dodgers owner Peter O’Malley would be an ideal candidate to become an NFL franchise owner. O’Malley is planning to sell the Dodgers, freeing him to own an NFL franchise.

The Business Journal Forum asks:

Do you think O’Malley would make the best owner of a new NFL franchise in L.A.?

Joshua Gertler

Senior Account Executive

Hill & Knowlton

“Peter O’Malley is without a doubt among the best candidates. He has demonstrated tremendous leadership in working with a sports franchise he did a tremendous job with the Dodgers. I would be sorry to see him leave the world of sports in L.A., and I think he would be a natural to be an owner of an NFL team in the city.”

David Brown

Managing Director

Ogilvy & Mather Direct

“It would be great to have somebody with his loyalty to own the team. But I would answer the question by asking another question Does he have enough experience in the completely different world of football to survive, prosper and innovate in the fast-moving world of football? . . . If a corporation ends up owning the team, there should be a figurehead who the team can look to a real personality that heads up the team.”

Richard Lippin

Chairman and Chief Executive

The Lippin Group

“Peter O’Malley has demonstrated his ability to make the Dodgers into one of the most highly revered sports franchises in history. I have every confidence that his ownership of an NFL team would produce the same result.”

John Condie


Mercury Air Group Inc.

“I think it would be good if someone in the community like that would get the team. Peter O’Malley has a good reputation. If he put a team on the field, it would be high quality.”

James P. Giraldin

Chief Operating Officer

FirstFed Financial Corp.

“I think Peter O’Malley would make a great owner, but more importantly, we need to keep the Dodgers in Los Angeles. L.A. does deserve a respectable football franchise, and O’Malley runs a very respectable franchise. He puts up a quality organization with quality players. O’Malley would make a great owner, and I don’t see any problem with him owning both the Dodgers and an NFL team.”

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