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With the Fall television season about to explode into living rooms across the country, millions of dollars are being wagered on the success and failure of more than three dozen new shows on the major networks. With so much money at stake and so many careers, The Business Journal Asks:

The Fall TV season is about to premiere. Do you care?

Lee Solters, public relations executive, president, The Lee Solters Co.

Yes, it’s important to me in my profession to see what kind of programs the networks have selected that reflect what the public supposedly wants to see. Also, it is important to see the new actors, actresses and comedians to see who I might be interested in signing.

Richard Rosenzweig, executive vice president, Playboy Enterprises Inc.

I care because football, professional and college, is back. I care more and more about prime time movies and especially the magazines shows like ‘Dateline’ and ’20/20,’ which I think are a benefit to the networks and the consumer.

Milton Berle, comedian, “Mr. Television.”

I always care. I am in the business. I started the business. I like to know what’s going on.

Jeff Wald, president and owner Jeff Wald Entertainment. No. I keep looking in TV Guide and all I ever see is repeats. It should have started after Labor Day. The only thing I look at are the news magazine shows. I go out and rent movies.

Lisa Specht, attorney and partner, Manatt, Phelps and Phillips

Not in the least. “NYPD Blue” is the only thing I turn the TV set on for. I’d rather read a good book.

Tony Cook, journalist and Internet consultant.

No. I spend all day looking at a computer screen. The last thing I want to do is come home and look at a small screen.

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