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DirecTV to File Complaint Over Fees

DirecTV Group Inc. is accusing a programming group owned by three cable companies of an illegal pricing scheme aimed at hurting its business, the Wall Street Journal reported.

In a complaint expected to be filed today with the FCC, the El Segundo-based satellite broadcaster claims that high-definition digital channels INHD and INHD2 have a pricing policy that favors cable over satellite.

The two channels are offered by In Demand, a pay-per-view and video-on-demand programming service owned by Comcast Corp., Time Warner Inc. and Cox Communications Inc. DirecTV doesn’t carry the two channels.

DirecTV claims the pricing policy breaches a Federal Communications Commission rule that prohibits cable companies that own content from denying access to satellite competitors, the Journal said.

DirecTV said that In Demand charges it 4 & #733; times the price it charges Comcast and at least 3 times what it charges Time Warner for their INHD subscribers.

In Demand said it believes DirecTV’s claims are without merit, and it’s confident the FCC will rule in its favor, the paper reported.

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