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COLUMNS & FEATURES–Casting Firm in Best Light Will Lure Workers

Spring and early summer is a great time to think about your home business’ staffing needs.

A few weeks from now the job market will saturate with recent graduates looking for work. Joining them will be experienced workers who plan to job hunt during the summer months when business often slows down.

Despite what you may have heard about big company perks and the lure of pre-IPO companies, you don’t have to settle for second-string candidates just because your business is small. Small business is hot right now, and many people in today’s workplace are interested in unconventional work arrangements that will help them balance work and personal life.

Selling your company’s advantages will help land the best candidates, who are possibly being wooed elsewhere. If you’re crazy about a potential hire, the next step is to make the applicant just as crazy about your home business.

Here are some that may help you land the candidate you want.

-Exposure to leadership. Interacting regularly with the head of a business is extremely important to many people. Underscore to applicants that by joining your company, they will receive some of the most personal, on-the-job training they will ever get.

-New challenges. Emphasize to candidates that they will have the opportunity to develop diverse skills. Most home offices require employees to multitask. As a result, staff members are likely to develop talents that will help them throughout their careers, such as interviewing approaches, accounting skills and client-management techniques.

-Sense of accomplishment. Reinforce how quickly things get done in your office. Bureaucratic black holes can be one of the most frustrating characteristics of large organizations. Home offices are often red-tape free. Approval processes are direct, require little paperwork and often occur instantaneously.

-Extra perks. As a home-based business owner, you are in a unique position to tailor job perks to the candidates who interest you. For instance, those with children might appreciate the opportunity to leave early or to work from home a few days each week. When coming up with perks such as these, being creative is worth the effort because some of the perks may be tax deductible.

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