Citrus Valley Health Partners


Meeting tomorrow’s health care needs today

Citrus Valley Health Partners’ reputation as one of the Southland’s premier

health systems comes from a unique ability to anticipate and meet the health care needs of the communities it serves. Citrus Valley Health Partners’ hospitals, located in the San Gabriel Valley, offer state-of-the-art medicine, melded with community-oriented health and wellness programs.

The result is a superior mix of sophisticated diagnostic technology and high-quality treatment programs administered by highly trained health care professionals and a top-rated medical staff.

Some of Citrus Valley Health Partners’ (CVHP) success stems from a rich heritage of service and caring shared by its four facilities: Citrus Valley Medical Center’s Inter-Community Campus and Queen of the Valley Campus, Foothill Presbyterian Hospital, and Citrus Valley Hospice.

When you add a commitment to innovation to this tradition of service, you

end up with Centers of Excellence in Maternal-Child Health, Cardiology, Oncology and Orthopedics. Each of these Centers of Excellence is staffed by professionals who show a true commitment to customer service.

Maternity patients can select from a number of childbirth education classes. Many deliveries take place in family-centered Labor, Delivery and Recovery rooms. And mothers and fathers rest easy knowing that there is a sophisticated neonatal intensive care unit nearby should a need arise.

At the Cardiac center, care begins with advanced diagnostic services, including cardiac catheterization, rotoblator, intracoronary ultrasound and echocardiography, and doesn’t stop once a patient’s heart is fixed. Follow-up programs include physical therapy, dietary counseling, stress management and social services that help patients recover fully.

The Oncology center follows a similar patient care approach. After treatment, cancer patients can participate in a number of support group sessions where they can share feelings and experiences, and begin the psychological healing process.

A broad range of corrective treatment and therapy services at the Orthopedics center is available to patients who have suffered skeletal injuries from accidents or illness. Long-term, follow-up programs also monitor patients’ progress once they leave the treatment center.

Other CVHP programs emphasize the same high quality level of service. The Urgent Care Center at the Queen of the Valley Campus is open seven days a week, including holidays. Patients don’t need an appointment — even during the busiest times.

At Foothill Presbyterian Hospital, the respected Diabetes Care Unit Education Program offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. Full-time educators offer comprehensive diabetes instruction, and nurses are available to answer patients’ questions 24 hours a day.

Being there for patients when they need help is the hallmark of Citrus Valley Health Partners’ commitment to quality health care.

CVHP believes that patient care means more than just providing treatment

in one of its acute-care hospitals. Prevention of illness or long-term support and care can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life, as well.

So Citrus Valley Health Partners offers a variety of health and wellness

programs, support groups, education classes and health fairs. Each is designed to help heal the “whole” person.

Sometimes that healing takes place in the hospital. Other times, it can be provided more efficiently outside the hospital.

Citrus Valley Home Health plays an important role in this recovery process. Trained CVHP professionals visit patients at home. There, they administer medication, therapy and counseling — all in the privacy of a comfortable, familiar environment.

For people who have been diagnosed as terminally ill, CVHP offers a place of peace and caring — Citrus Valley Hospice. Here, family and friends can visit 24 hours a day, bringing many of the comforts of home. Citrus Valley Hospice also provides home hospice services for those who do not require inpatient assistance.

CVHP’s commitment to community health also extends beyond its facilities’ doors. Through more than 40 outreach programs, hospital staff and community partners meet the health and social services needs of residents throughout the San Gabriel Valley.

By partnering with schools, churches, senior homes and public service agencies, Citrus Valley Health Partners maximizes resources and results. By working together with others, CVHP can often meet the health care needs of even the most underserved group of San Gabriel Valley residents — those with little or no access to health care services.

One of CVHP’s most popular community outreach programs is the Kids Kare-

A-Van, a mobile pediatric unit that offers immunizations, basic health care

and education.

CVHP’s brand of technologically-advanced, comprehensive health care service is possible only through the combined effort of the more than 3,000 employees and 1,000 physicians who are part of the CVHP family. Each person is a highly qualified professional. And each believes in Citrus Valley Health Partners’ primary goal to provide compassionate care today and hope for a healthy tomorrow.



Health Care Facilities

Citrus Valley Medical Center – Inter-Community Campus, Covina

Citrus Valley Medical Center – Queen of the Valley Campus, West Covina

Foothill Presbyterian Hospital, Glendora

Citrus Valley Hospice, West Covina

Employees and Medical Staff

3,000+ health care professionals and support staff

1,000+ physicians

Centers of Excellence


Maternal-Child Health



Health Programs

Full range of medical/surgical services

24-hour emergency services

Cardiology services

Diagnostic radiology services

Diabetes care & education

Center for the Partially Sighted

Home health services

Hospice services

Mammography screening

Mental health services

Neonatal intensive care


Physical, occupational & speech therapy

Skilled nursing

Urgent Care center

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