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Corporate expansion & relocation

A corporation seeks balance in a new facility

Industry leader Bal Seal sees a milestone

The move will bring all of the company’s domestic units together under one roof

A few months ago when officials of Bal Seal Engineering Co Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of spring-loaded seals and specialty products used in everything from semiconductor processing and heart pacemakers to gasoline pumps, broke ground on its new 125,225-square-foot corporate headquarters in the masterplanned community of Foothill Ranch, California, the event marked an important milestone for the company.

While the new facility will add more than 60,000 square feet of space to the manufacturer’s operations, it will also be a whole new environment for the employees of Bal Seal. An environment that seeks to create a quality, balanced work place where Bal Seal’s 200 employees feel part of a community.

It is easy to see why Bal Seal was in search of a new facility. The company’s success is well-documented. Since opening its doors in 1958, Bal Seal Engineering Co. has been a leader in spring-loaded polytetrafluoroethlyne (PTFE) seals, holding more than 70 active patents. The firm generates between $15 and $25 million yearly revenues and is on an upward swing.

“New applications for PTFE seals are being discovered every year and we predict tremendous growth potential in the 21st century,” said Jon Stillman, CEO of Bal Seal Engineering. “Our move to Foothill Ranch is expected to facilitate our expansion and entry into new markets worldwide.”

According to Renee Sparks, marketing manager for Bal Seal, the move will bring all of the company’s domestic units together under one roof creating a more synergistic environment. Bal Seal will operate its administrative, research and development, manufacturing and distribution operations in addition to its corporate headquarters in the Foothill Ranch facility.

“Bal Seal Engineering has always been the pioneer in its field,” said Stillman. “Now its headquarters will have the look and feel that reflects its technological culture and predominance in the world marketplace as one of the cutting edge manufacturers of high-tech seals.”

While available land and a larger facility were an important part of the relocation decision, other factors came into play that led the company to Foothill Ranch.

“Bal Seal is a family run business that is committed to its employees,” Sparks said. “We wanted to find an environment that recognized our most valuable asset — the people who have been integral to our success.”

The company’s new urban site is immediately adjacent to the 1,400-acre Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park. From its facility windows, employees will have grand views of the wooded canyons and enjoy immediate access to mountain biking and hiking. It is also surrounded by a mix of retail and residential amenities including day care and preschools, a swim school, restaurants, future theaters and more.

More importantly, relocating to a young community provides an opportunity for Bal Seal to realize a larger corporate goal of enriching the community where the company does business.

“Bal Seal plans to be active participants locally by taking part in the schools or in an Adopt a Trail program,” Sparks added. “We want to create an opportunity for our employees to enjoy and get involved in the community around them whether they work or live in Foothill Ranch.”

Irvine-based Snyder Langston is providing complete development services and general contracing for the build-to-suit facility, located at 19650 Pauling on nearly 11 acres of land. According to Snyder Langston president Stephen Jones, Snyder Langston’s services include a cost occupancy analysis, government and redevelopment negotiations, land negotiations and design managment. The company also assisted Bal Seal Engineering in securing construction financing.

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