7. Stewart & Lynda Resnick

7. Stewart & Lynda Resnick


The sole owners of the Wonderful Co. oversee a network of citrus and nut farms and processing facilities spread across more than 120,000 acres in the San Joaquin Valley. The company reported $2 billion in annual branded retail sales in 2017 and described itself as a “$4 billion global company.” A spokesperson for the company provided insight into the couple’s finances, which are predominantly based on their agriculture holdings. The business also includes a host of other entities related to the agribusiness supply chain, including a pest control company, an ocean cargo company, a premium bottled water company, an online florist and a vineyard. The Resnicks also have a majority ownership stake in the Kern Water Bank and Westside Mutual Water.


The couple’s billion-dollar company draws on Stewart’s business and legal acumen combined with Lynda’s savvy marketing. Extensive media campaigns have made many of their branded products – Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice, Wonderful Pistachios, Halos mandarins and Fiji Water – household names. They’ve fended off several lawsuits, including one regarding marketing the health benefits of pomegranate juice and several others challenging their Kern County water rights. In April, the company hosted a media tour to tout its position as the No. 1 pistachio producer in the world, the largest supplier of pomegranates, mandarins, lemons and Texas grapefruit, and the top U.S. importer of limes. Last year, the company made a bid for transparency with the release of its corporate social responsibility report, titled “Doing Well By Doing Good.”


$6.5 billion


Last year: $6 billion (recalculated)

AGE: 81 (Stewart)

RESIDENCE: Beverly Hills

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Agriculture, marketing

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