Google has been central in supporting Los Angeles City’s Civil + Human Rights and Equity Department through $50,000 funding and support as the organization was just getting started, making possible some of its most critical functions to support underserved communities in LA. The Department’s mission is to maintain and strengthen LA’s diversity, equity, and accountability. It is focused on reducing bias and injustices while leveling the playing field through community engagement, equity initiatives, and upward mobility programming.

Google’s work in LA goes far beyond the Civil + Human Rights and Equity Department, including impactful philanthropic generosity during teacher appreciation week. Google announced a $2 million national grant to support Donors Choose with $250,000 going directly to 250 teachers serving 11,500 students in Los Angeles. Google also provided $120,000 to GiveDirectly to assist with SNAP Families.

A powerful partnership has also formed between Google Arts and Culture and the J. Paul Getty Museum in which 16 artworks from the Getty’s collection are now in the Art Projector in the Google Arts & Culture App, and anyone can now learn more about them directly from Anne Woollett, Getty curator of paintings.

Among other business angel acts of generosity last year, Google donated:

• $25,000 to Advancement Project to assist with a more equitable distribution of supplies and services to communities of color for COVID;

• $150,000 [$75,000 apiece] to assist with underserved communities at Bridge Housing near Google’s Venice office to both nonprofits charged with running the effort,

• $40,000 in Pride funds to SPY, LA LGBT Center, Latino Equality Alliance and Equality California; among many other varied donations.

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