Founder & Managing Partner

Ramo Law, P.C.

Elsa Ramo represented over 90 films and 15 television series in 2017 alone, including 14 that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2018. She provides comprehensive legal services to producers, financiers, creators and owners of film, television and digital content and projects across a range of budgets and production levels. She established her own law firm to enable filmmakers and producers to bring their stories to life.

Ramo’s leadership within the legal and entertainment communities extends beyond her successful Beverly Hills firm. She dedicates substantial time to mentoring women though various organizations. Additionally, Ramo is a go-to commentator and instructor on legal issues related to film financing and the entertainment market. She founded the firm in 2005 on the Universal Studios backlot after several clients approached her to handle their independent productions. Now as managing partner to the firm, she handles client matters as well as manages the firm’s attorneys and packaging and sales department.

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