Co-Founder & CEO

DigiTour Media LLC

Meridith Valiando Rojas is the Co-Founder and CEO of DigiTour Media, the largest producer of live events featuring social media talent. In her role as CEO, Valiando Rojas has overseen the production of over 750 live events and hundreds of thousands of tickets across the United States and abroad and has helped to launch the careers of top digital talent. DigiTour has emerged as one of the fastest growing teen media brands out there today. Valiando Rojas is a frequent speaker on digital entertainment and influencer marketing, and has emerged as one of the most sought after thought leaders on the subject of Gen Z. Her first book “Selfie Made: Your Ultimate Guide to Social Media Stardom” is a how-to-guide on how to launch your online career as a creator or entrepreneur, which is set to be released October 2018.

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