ADR Services

At the helm of ADR Services, Inc., its Founder and President, Lucie Barron has become for some, synonymous with the concept of alternative dispute resolution. In the wake of a difficult divorce, Barron abruptly found herself the sole supporter and caretaker of seven young children. Serendipitously, personal litigation indoctrinated Barron into the legal system, where she recognized the value of alternative dispute resolution, an emerging field at that time. Following her intuition and her multifaceted business and educational experience, Barron spent countless hours at UCLA business and law schools, studying the laws, procedures and marketplace of private dispute resolution. Barron then assembled a team of retired judges and invited them to join her fledgling panel, working with what has now become the fastest growing ADR provider in California. Now, over two decades later, Barron is everpresent in the legal community, expanding the company’s presence, attending nearly every industry event and major conference.

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