Left To Right: Andrew J. Dunbar, Nicole Duckett Fricke, Jennifer Ishiguro, Glenn Nieves

Left To Right: Andrew J. Dunbar, Nicole Duckett Fricke, Jennifer Ishiguro, Glenn Nieves


ANDREW J. DUNBAR: Bel Air Investment Advisors, LLC - General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer

Andy Dunbar joined Bel Air Investment Advisors LLC in 2015. He came to Bel Air, as well as its Management Committee, shortly after its acquisition by a large foreign asset manager. Dunbar performs a leadership role and has been instrumental in navigating and integrating (along with addressing the associated challenges) of becoming a part of a new, global ownership structure and brand.

Shortly after joining, he helped the firm navigate a massive undertaking of a custodian conversion; required re-papering of all accounts and implementing and integrating new trading system. Dunbar helped the firm and its parent company implement a Board of Directors charter and structure; and currently also serves as the Corporate Secretary. And that’s not all. Dunbar wears multiple hats at Bel Air in that he is also the GC/CCO of its affiliated broker dealer (Bel Air Securities LLC), and as such is licensed with FINRA as a broker-dealer supervisor.

NICOLE DUCKETT FRICKE: Los Angeles Clippers -General Counsel and Vice President

Nicole Duckett Fricke is the General Counsel and Vice President of the LA Clippers. As the first ever General Counsel of the Clippers organization and the first African American woman to serve as chief legal officer of an NBA franchise, Duckett Fricke has built the Legal Department from the ground up. She serves as the team’s chief legal officer and advises the organization on a variety of issues including corporate governance, compliance and team operations.

Since graduating from law school, Duckett Fricke has demonstrated a commitment to increasing diversity in the legal profession through her participation on the boards of various non-profit organizations and through her own efforts at the Clippers. Duckett Fricke has served as a board member for the Fulfillment Fund, and at the Clippers, her dedication to diversity is reflected in the members of the outstanding in-house legal team that she has assembled, as well as in her commitment to the use of diverse outside counsel who meet the organization’s high standards.

JENNIFER ISHIGURO: Gateway One Lending & Finance - Chief Legal Officer and Executive Vice President

As a first generation Japanese-American female lawyer, Jennifer Ishiguro not only has an extraordinary educational pedigree, but she has been at the top of her field in both a private law firm and in-house counsel roles. Becoming the first general counsel for Gateway One was a role she took on fearlessly, and as the first woman and minority executive of the company.

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