President & CEO - Oakwood Capital Management LLC

President & CEO - Oakwood Capital Management LLC

Years in Practice: 40

Years with Current Firm: 20

Assets Under Management in 2017: $400 million

Bruce Mandel co-founded Oakwood in 1998, and in addition to serving as President & Chief Executive Officer, he also chairs the Investment Policy Committee and co-manages the firm’s global investment strategies. His other primary responsibilities are directing the firm’s business activities and strategic direction, mentoring the younger employees and growing the firm’s profitability.

Mandel excels at developing consultative relationships with clients and helping them with their estate planning and other wealth management needs. Prior to starting his career in the investment industry, he gained broad entrepreneurial and business experience in the real estate, import/export and restaurant industries. His interest in real estate continues to this day. After graduating from law school in 1977, he joined RNC Capital Management. He became a Principal of that firm in 1984 and Director of Marketing and Client Service in 1992. He also served on RNC’s Executive Management Committee, which involved overseeing all facets of the management of the company, until he left the firm to co-found Oakwood.

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