Entertainment reporter Sandro Monetti’s business take on this weekend’s new movie releases.

MACBETH – An ambitious Scotsman murders his boss and takes over his job, urged on by his ruthless wife and the prophecy of three fortune tellers who said he would be a big man someday. But hanging onto power proves tough and even killing his rivals may not be enough to keep him in charge. Michael Fassbender, last seen as the titular character in “Steve Jobs,” stars as the titular character in this re-do of a Shakespearean classic that sticks with the original time period.

THE LETTERS – Working for God can be a demanding task, reveals this biopic of Mother Teresa. Helping out in the slums of Calcutta was the easy part. Dealing with relentless publicity posed a problem, revealed the missionary and Nobel Peace Prize winner in letters to a Jesuit priest. The correspondence with her confidante is the basis of this movie.

KRAMPUS – A workaholic dad’s hopes of a stress-free Christmas with his dysfunctional family are shattered in this festive horror film. When a monster charges down the chimney and invades his family’s seasonal gathering along with a gang of other creepy creatures – including a clown doll that eats children – the father realizes he probably should have stayed in the office and worked through the holidays.

YOUTH – A retired English composer, played by Michael Caine, refuses to come back to work even when the Queen offers him a knighthood if he will conduct the orchestra at Prince Philip’s birthday party. Efforts to change his mind continue as he relaxes at a luxury Swiss spa worrying more about his prostate problems than his family.

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