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What to Watch this Weekend

Entertainment reporter Sandro Monetti’s business take on a few current releases.

RICKI AND THE FLASH – Facing bankruptcy, Meryl Streep’s failed rock star is forced to take a job singing at a neighborhood dive bar in Tarzana where she is made to sing covers of modern hits by Lady Gaga and Pink in a bid to boost business.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION – A subsidiary of the CIA is threatened with closure due to big budgets and questionable results. It’s up to team Tom Cruise to stave off the restructuring by improving his group’s work performance.

SHAUN THE SHEEP – A sheep farmer uses his shearing skills to become a celebrity hairdresser but finds fame and fortune come with big opportunity costs and decides to return to the farm.

FANTASTIC FOUR – A scientific research facility recruits a young inventor in the belief that his high school science project has commercial, military and world-altering applications. But the acqui-hire doesn’t turn out as planned.

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