Entertainment reporter Sandro Monetti’s business take on this weekend’s four big movie releases.

HITMAN AGENT 47 – A sinister corporation plans to gain market share by creating an army of genetically engineered employees devoid of compassion but devoted to following orders. But an early test subject has other ideas and sets out to close down research and development on the scheme as violently as possible.

LEARNING TO DRIVE – A deeply spiritual driving instructor teaches his clients to be calm and focused so they will be good drivers and never succumb to road rage. But his strategy is challenged when an angry and opinionated New Yorker signs up for lessons.

AMERICAN ULTRA – The CIA has problems with one of its employees, a drug addicted secret agent, and decides to terminate him…literally. But his employment training has been so good that he ends up killing every government assassin sent to dispatch him.

GRANDMA – Completely out of money after paying off her medical bills and with her credit cards cut up, a 70-year-old Los Angeles professor and poet has to find $600 in a day. So she hits up her old friends and lovers for cash and learns if it’s possible to use people as ATMs.

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