Multichannel networks MiTu and Maker Studios are teaming up to offer a “total market solution” for brands to better understand how to target the U.S. Hispanic market.

While there is no direct economic component to the partnership, a collaborative relationship between the Culver City neighbors looks to be mutually beneficial. Maker Studios, a subsidiary of Walt Disney Co., will gain access to MiTu’s Hispanic talent to create both English- and Spanish-language content. MiTu, on the other hand, has the opportunity to expand its current offerings of Latino-focused videos and be more visible through Maker Studios’ larger distribution platform. MiTu has 55 million subscribers that provide 470 million monthly views; Maker has 550 million subscribers that bring in 9 billion monthly views.

“It used to be that there was a general market person who would plan a general market campaign, and there would be a Hispanic market person planning a Hispanic market campaign,” said Charlie Echeverry, MiTu’s chief revenue officer. “We’re joining forces to deliver better, bigger content that is underwritten, sponsored or, in some cases, branded with advertisers.”

Some collaborative projects are already in development, though Echeverry and Jason Krebs, Maker Studios’ head of sales, declined to share specifics.

MiTu is backed by Upfront Ventures and Chernin Group. Maker Studios was purchased by Disney earlier this year in a deal that could be worth nearly $1 billion if certain benchmarks are met.

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