North Hollywood coffee company Supreme Bean LLC thinks people should drink their coffee like they do their beer: from an ice-cold amber glass bottle.

The wholesale coffee roaster, which owns Westside coffee shop chain Groundwork Coffee, began selling cold-brewed coffee in beer-style bottles four years ago from its six shops. This week, it will expand its reach, selling the brews in 31 Whole Foods Market stores from Santa Barbara to San Diego.

Eddy Cola, who handles marketing and business development for Groundwork, said the company was drawn to the stout amber glass bottles because they’re easily recyclable and have preservative properties.

“Amber reflects light, so it will hold the coffee better,” he said. “It protects it a little bit more.”

Groundwork makes its bottled coffee by steeping coarse-ground organic coffee beans in cool filtered water for 24 hours until it becomes a sort of coffee concentrate. Filtered water is added to dilute the coffee before bottling the beverage. Unlike many major vendors of chilled, bottled coffee, Groundwork doesn’t add milk, sweeteners or preservatives.

The 12-ounce amber bottle with a twist-off cap gives the coffee a shelf life of about 60 days and retails for $3.49, or $13.96 for a four-pack.

Cola said Groundwork, which already sells a 1-pound can of whole coffee beans at Whole Foods, had an easier time getting a distribution deal with the retailer this time around.

“The fact that they already knew us and that we were already vetted and had gone through the process made it a lot easier,” he said.

– Bethany Firnhaber

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