The Business Journal raises the curtain on the legal stars who work in L.A.’s entertainment industry.


Firm: Latham & Watkins LLP

Law School: Loyola

Selected Clients: Sony Online Entertainment, GigaMedia Ltd., Perfect World Entertainment, Digital Artists Entertainment, RHI Entertainment, Trion Worlds, PopCap Games, Nexon America, Walt Disney Co.

Years in Practice: 25

Most Challenging Matter: Representing the principal investor in an entity that acquired the right to digitally reproduce everything in the Vatican library.

Best Career Moment: As a young associate, I needed to go into the office – at Paul Hastings – on a Saturday to pick something up. I had my two toddler sons with me. Bob Hastings was coming out of the building as I was going in, so I stopped and introduced my two young sons to him. I told them that Mr. Hastings was his mom and dad’s boss (my husband was also a Paul Hastings lawyer back then). Mr. Hastings bent way down to my sons’ level and told them in a totally adult voice that he was not their parents’ boss, he was their parents’ colleague. Mr. Hastings epitomized what being a lawyer in a prestigious law firm is about – treating everyone with equal respect and not taking oneself too seriously.

Worst: Losing my mentor, Bob Lane. He passed away from a heart attack just before I was elected partner.

Longest Workday: Forty-eight hours, negotiating a license on behalf of Vivendi Games with Mattel Inc.

How My Practice Is Changing: I am spending more time team-building and helping younger lawyers both in- and outside my firm develop their careers in the interactive media sector.

If I Weren’t an Attorney: I’d be a securities analyst or business journalist. I love digging into details and trying to wrap my head around everything there is to know about a company.

My Colleagues Don’t Know: I own a Harley.

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