The Business Journal raises the curtain on the legal stars who work in L.A.’s entertainment industry.


Firm: Glaser Weil Fink Jacobs Howard & Shapiro LLP

Law School: Rutgers University

Selected Clients: Warner Bros., Hallmark Entertainment, American Broadcasting Co., EMI Ltd., Michael King, Sony USA, William Morris Endeavor, MGM Mirage, MGM Studios, Viacom, Al Ruddy, Endemol USA, Inc., Walt Disney Co., Frank Gehry, Miley Cyrus, Conan O’Brien (negotiation), Saul Zaentz.

Years in Practice: 37

Highlight From Past Year: Successfully negotiating a favorable resolution on behalf of Conan O’Brien when NBC Universal sought to solve its problems with “The Jay Leno Show” by seeking to give Conan a new time slot.

Longest Workday: I will work up to 20 hours in one day with no food but don’t even notice it. On top of this, if the trial takes you out of town, then the first nine hours of your day are spent working on preparing for the trial and the next nine hours are spent working on matters you left back at home.

How My Practice Is Changing: I increasingly find that people don’t like to confront you on the telephone anymore. They would rather deal with you in an e-mail. Personally, I find this to be less effective. Still, I pride myself on being diligent and accessible, and take great pains to respond to every e-mail and phone call by the end of the day, or at the very least have someone else respond for me.

If I Weren’t an Attorney: I would be centerfielder for the New York Yankees.

My Colleagues Don’t Know: I will be sponsoring my two adorable grandchildren, ages 8 and 5, for partnership at the firm next year.

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