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Jonathan Anastas - Senior Vice President, Kovel/Fuller Advertising


This is the Mercedes Web site. The reason I love this site is you can unlock your car from your computer. I have actually unlocked my car from my laptop that's pretty cool. If you own a Mercedes with Teleaid, which is their whole telematic system, you can go into the owner's area of the Web site, enter a password, and unlock your car from anywhere in the world. I locked my keys in my car last month, so I turned around, walked back into the office, logged on, and my car was unlocked within 30 seconds.


This is an art gallery in East Hollywood. They were the first advocates of the "no brow" art movement, the blending of commercial and sort of cartoon and classic "high brow" art. It borrows from pop culture, the music industry, tattooing, custom car culture, etc. They have this show on the site right now called "Un-Commercial Art by Commercial Artists."...It's a really a good pulse of what's going on in the world of underground art.


What's great about Gibson, specifically, is when you go into the custom shop area they sell instruments you can't get anywhere else. They literally show you every piece made by the custom shop, a picture and the location of where it was shipped. So you can use this site as anything from an online marketing catalog to a place to buy vintage Gibson guitars.

-Conor Dougherty

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