My Favorite Sites

Robert Skousen, Chief Executive
by Skousen & Skousen

This site reviews and rates all the online casinos. They have all sorts of promotions and a lot of interactive graphics that make you feel like you are really in Las Vegas. It gives good information about which sites are the best, which have the most bonuses and which give the best payouts. I get a kick out of this site.

This is a bulletin board for the discussion of virtually every public company. Although it mostly offers discussion of the larger companies, you can also find out about what's going on inside the more thinly-traded companies.

This is an artist that I am interested in. I own three pieces of his work. At the site, you can get information about his various works, as well as see what is being bought and sold and what is coming up for sale. Francis, who had a very unique printing process, was a California native and actually studied art in the 1950s on the G.I. Bill.

I can see all the filings of public companies online. You can find out everything about a company. It used to be very difficult to get the inside information on companies, but now that it is all online, it is much simpler to find.

Dana Brody

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