Steve's business, Soboroff Partners, which pays Los Angeles city taxes through its Encino office, has found Valley homes for hundreds of retailers, including Circuit City, Orchard Supply Hardware, Pep Boys, Office Depot, Oshman's, Kinney Shoes, Wal-Mart and numerous restaurants. His mayoral campaign is headquartered in the Valley, too.

If Kotkin's criteria for endorsement include growing up and working in the Valley, improving Valley parks and schools, headquartering a mayoral campaign in the Valley, and helping to improve the quality of life for each Valley resident, than he should entitle his rewrite "Time for Soboroff."


Gortikov Enterprises Inc.


Training for African Americans

I commend you for allowing Earl Ofari Hutchinson's commentary piece to be printed in your newspaper ("Black Business," June 19).

The major points made by Mr. Hutchinson are important factors to be reckoned with. I have the fortunate experience of being acquainted with various black, bright, high-tech professionals.

What needs to be done is to alert the young, bright, black youths who are good in math that they could become computer programmers with only an eighth-grade mathematics background. A lot of young people are totally unaware of this fact. A prominent black senior programming analyst told me that!

There could be computer centers built by our successful black businessmen, athletes and entertainers. Build computer training centers worldwide, and there is your answer.


Los Angeles


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