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The Welch Wars

In an otherwise well-written piece about the Jack Welch sex scandal (April 1), Michael Lewis says in his column that Jane Welch “precipitated the entire scandal” when she blew the whistle. One shouldn’t forget that Jack Welch himself prepared the foundation for this exposure by sleeping with a woman who was not his wife.

Austin Garrison, CFA


Triton Pacific Capital Partners

Sour Note

Reference is made in “Retuning for KSUR as Owner Tries to Hit Right Notes” (April 1) about Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters Inc. and the new KSUR The Surf.

The writer failed to mention that Mount Wilson’s FM station, KMZT has been in operation for 43 years, and has had only two formats. The most recent format, classical music, has been on the air for 13 years. This is a record of longevity that is unequaled in Los Angeles.

We have experimented with several formats on the AM to find a successful music format that is very difficult to achieve on an AM station. Unlike many other broadcasters who have merely turned to ethnic or block paid programming, we have tried to come up with a service that really serves the public regardless of profits.

Saul Levine


Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters Inc.

Off Base

This note is meant to address a factual error (of relatively minor import) in the April 15 L.A. Stories. Your article on Vin Scully incorrectly asserted that Duke Snider never played for the Dodgers. In fact, he played with the team for five seasons after its arrival from Brooklyn, from 1958-62.

Jim McManus


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