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Startup Name Game

Does a Twitter-based company with another name tweet just as sweet? It’s a question that has been taking up some time at one Pasadena startup.

Since the company launched last year from tech incubator Idealab, it has had three different names. It began life in March as TweetUp, which developed a Twitter search engine. In August, the company expanded the app to include Facebook and LinkedIn posts, so it changed the name to PostUp. Then, last month, it bought a company called UberTwitter, a tweet app for mobile devices, and changed its name again, this time to UberMedia.

Steve Chadima, chief marketing officer for the company, said executives decided to rebrand in order to take advantage of the popularity of UberTwitter, which is well-known in its world.

“The UberTwitter brand is one of the most prominent brands in Twitter,” he said. “Grabbing on to that allows us to borrow the brand equity.”

Chadima acknowledged that changing names twice in one year has made things a bit difficult for the young company.

“People are like, ‘Who are you again?’ ” he said. “But because everything is virtual these days, it’s not like you actually have reams of stationery, so it’s not as challenging as it seems.”

Chadima would not discuss details on whether the company had to pay for new advertising, signage or logo design with each name change. But he did seem relieved that the name-changing is behind him, at least for now.

“Hopefully the third time’s a charm,” he said.

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