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Indian Actions Have Water-Free Firm Flush With Anger

Indian officials have ordered the removal of more than 800 waterless urinals in Delhi, and the chief executive of the Los Angeles company that produces the equipment isn’t happy about it.

English-language Indian media outlets have reported that government officials, saying private companies who installed the waterless facilities have failed to maintain them, directed the waterless urinals be replaced with standard models.

For Simon A. Davis, chief executive of L.A.’s Falcon Waterfree Technologies, that’s a lame excuse.

“Instead of banning a technology responsible for better hygiene and the savings of water, energy and greenhouse gases, the city should invest in the proper cleaning and maintenance of the urinals,” Davis said in a statement issued Friday.

Falcon Waterfree had a deal with a licensee to make and sell the urinals and directly sold cartridges that were supposed to be used in the maintenance of the urinals to control odors.

The company, which has sought to build a global business by licensing its technology to overseas manufacturers, still maintains a presence in India.

“We’re in train stations. We’re in the Taj Mahal,” Davis said.

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