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Leaders of Influence: Residential Real Estate Brokers 2021 More Back issues See E-Edition

Custom Content from the Los Angeles Business Journal

The residential real estate market in Los Angeles is a complex landscape to say the least. Whether you are buying or selling, having the right broker in your corner can be the difference-maker in terms of getting a good deal, landing in the right location for your specific needs, and navigating the process painlessly.
In an attempt to shine a light on those hard-working brokers who have the knowledge, skills and dedication to go the extra mile for their clients, we welcome you to the Los Angeles Business Journal’s annual “Leaders of Influence: Residential Real Estate Brokers” special section where we recognize some of the most dynamic brokers in the region.
Congratulations to each of the professionals described in these pages … and thank you for your contributions to the thriving LA residential real estate community and our local economy!

Methodology: The professionals featured in these pages did not pay to be included. Their profiles were drawn from nomination materials submitted to the Los Angeles Business Journal. Those selected for inclusion were reviewed by the editorial department and chosen based on a demonstration of impact made on the profession and on the Los Angeles community.