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State of LA: Best Cities to Live, Work + Play More Back issues See E-Edition

Perhaps more than any other region in the world, Los Angeles offers a wide-ranging and unique assortment of cities that each boast unique offerings of culture, entertainment and places to live and work.
With over ten million residents and 224 spoken languages, Los Angeles has truly become the cultural capital of the world. Los Angeles County is a vast region with over 4,750 square miles, and its 88 cities and over 100 unincorporated areas that are as diverse as its population. The tools, resources and amenities available to companies of all sizes are tough to match anywhere in the nation.
To take a better look at some of the region’s leading cities and their differentiating factors, the Los Angeles Business Journal has compiled data and prepared Q&A-style conversations with officials from some of the standout cities located in LA County – and a few extra surprises as well.