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Key BUSINESSES with headquarters in your city
• Majestic Realty
• Utility Trailer
• Markwins Beauty Brands
• Langer Juice
• Brighton Collectibles, and more.

What is the driving mission of the City of Industry and what’s the origin of that mission?
In 1957, the City of Industry was incorporated with a focus on business. The city’s motto, “Jobs, Enterprise, and Regional Investment” reflects how business is at the core of the city’s focus since its inception. Today, the city’s leaders maintain that focus. It is a vision that has carried the city for over six decades of fostering a business-friendly environment in the San Gabriel Valley. When the City Council adopted its General Plan in 1961, it paved the way for many of the commercial, industrial and civic centers that remain in the city today. Over the next two decades, the city grew and added community resources to provide support for the burgeoning businesses, from fire stations and a sheriff’s station, to new schools, as well as supporting retail and transportation advancements.
Over the past six decades, Industry has built its business foundation and trans- formed into the economic hub of the San Gabriel Valley – home to over 3,000 businesses that directly employ over 68,000 people. While the City has grown, its focus and city motto have remained the same: Jobs, Enterprise & Regional Infrastructure.

How does your city differentiate itself from others in the region? 
City of Industry is a major Southern California hub for manufacturing, wholesale & distribution, transportation & logistics, and E-commerce with 60% of all employees in the city working in these main sectors.  Manufacturers account for approximately 30% of all employees with an average of 85 employees per company with many locations employing over 600 people each.  Since its incorporation in 1957, city leadership has been committed to supporting these significant employers to maximize the availability of quality work opportunities for the surrounding community and the regional economy.

Which industries are demonstrating the most interest in your area today? (current tenants and/or prospective) 
Wholesale & distribution, transportation & logistics, and E-commerce.

What are the most important needs of businesses when choosing a site location, especially now? 
Availability of employees (recruiting, hiring and retaining); access to freeways, highways and transportation; reliable electricity; and quality infrastructure.

How does the City of Industry’s Foreign Trade Zone benefit businesses?
Businesses here can apply for a Foreign Trade Zone designation which allows special customs procedures regarding duty payments on certain re-exported and domestic activity prior to formal customs entry.
A Foreign Trade Zone is an area physically located within the United States, but deemed to be outside the U.S. Customs territory. Large and small companies alike use Foreign Trade Zones; 70 percent of Foreign Trade Zone users are small businesses. These companies defer, reduce or eliminate U.S. Customs duties, fees and certain taxes. Such companies include importers, manufacturers, distributors, assemblers of products, and exporters of imported merchandise and/or products containing imported merchandise.
The City of Industry has nearly 500 acres designated as a Foreign Trade Zone. These FTZ areas are approximately 40 miles from LAX, 28 miles from Ontario international airport, and 45 miles from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

What investments has City of Industry made in regional infrastructure?
City of Industry just keeps getting better, as evidenced by:
• $35 million commitment to the 57/60 confluence project to improve one of the most congested stretches of freeway in the country.
• Invested millions of dollars to reduce traffic and improve public safety by building grade separations at railway intersections.
• Secured grants to fund various improvements to the Nelson Avenue Bridge in La Puente, including an overall widening of the bridge.

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