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Marriage Hangover

Whether you’re trying to kick carbs or drugs, there’s no shortage of detox plans in Los Angeles. And now two Santa Monica psychologists are adding a newsletter to their therapy practice to help more people rid themselves of a different type of toxin – the ex- or soon-to-be ex-spouse.

Allison Pescosolido and Andra Brosh have helped hundreds of the newly divorced start over again. Or as they put it: “Get better, not bitter.”

The two Southern California natives became friends 20 years ago as college students and later opened separate therapy practices. In 2009, Pescosolido realized that there was a dearth of help for divorcees in the psychotherapy market.

“This was an opportunity to start a group and help all these people going through divorce,” she said.

In 2009, the two joined forces under the banner Divorce Detox.

The programs range from $850 to $1,150, and teach attendees how to stop obsessing about their exes, let go of pain and revamp dating strategies.

In September, Brosh and Pescosolido launched a membership website and newsletter to reach those who can’t meet with them in person. For a one-time fee of $99, subscribers get daily inspirational messages, coping strategies and “action steps” over three months.

Their program makes use of Brosh’s real-life experience on the subject she gained shortly after they launched their practice.

“My husband had a midlife crisis and decided he didn’t want to be married anymore,” Brosh said. “I experienced a lot of shock and devastation, and it took doing a lot of deep, philosophical work to recover.”


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