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Regulators Revise Proposed Water Cuts

After receiving more than 250 comments about the state-imposed water restrictions, the State Water Resources Control Board has released a revised list of proposed mandatory water cuts, giving some cities a break while hammering others where water usage is highest.

The board came up with the proposed plan after Gov. Jerry Brown issued a mandatory, statewide 25 percent water reduction to offset the state’s severe drought. The April 1 order marked the first time in California’s history that such restrictions have been mandated.

As part of the revised plan released on Saturday, there would be a tiered system for urban water suppliers. Suppliers with the lowest residential gallons-per-person usage last summer – which include water utilities in Vernon, Compton, Inglewood and Seal Beach – only have to cut their water usage by 8 percent.

However, other communities that had some of the highest residential water usage last summer, including Arcadia and Beverly Hills, will face water cuts of 36 percent.

“We’re in a very serious drought,” Felicia Marcus, chair of the State Water Resources Control Board said. “We’re in an emergency.”

The board will continue to accept public input on the state water cuts between now and Wednesday, April 22.

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