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Acre Venture Partners
acre.vc (310) 912-2495
Top Local Executive Gareth Asten, Co-Founder, Partner
Industry Focus Food 

Alpha Edison
alphaedison.com (323) 579-2050
Top Local Executive Nick Grouf, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Technology

amplify.la (424) 261-2676
Top Local Executive Paul Bricault, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Internet, digital media, mobile, ecommerce, gaming, software

Angeleno Group
angelonogroup.com (310) 552-2790
Top Local Executive Yaniv Tepper, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Clean energy, power and natural resources,
climate solutions technology

Anthem Venture Partners
anthemvp.com (310) 899-6225
Top Local Executive Bill Woodward, Partner
Industry Focus Internet, media, software, semiconductors

B Capital Group
bcapgroup.com (310) 698-1270
Top Local Executive Raj Ganguly, Co-Founder, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Consumer, financial, health, travel

BAM Ventures
bam.vc [email protected]
Top Local Executive Brian Lee, Co-Founder, Managing Director
Industry Focus Ecommerce

Baroda Ventures
barodaventures.com (310) 276-0005
Top Local Executive David Bohnett, Founder
Industry Focus Information Technology, internet, ecommerce

Bonfire Ventures
bonfirevc.com (310) 498-9994
Top Local Executive Jim Andelman, Managing Partner 
Industry Focus
Software, HR tech, security, logistics, marketing technology

Calibrate Ventures
calibratevc.com (650) 843-5000
Top Local Executive Jason Schoettler, Partner
Industry Focus Commerce, enterprise, connected platforms

California Technology Ventures
ctventures.com (626) 351-3700
Top Local Executive Alex Suh, Founding Managing Director
Industry Focus Information technology, life science

Canyon Creek Capital
canyoncreekcapital.com (818) 522-7480
Top Local Executive Buck Jordan, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Technology, automation, AI, augmented reality

Clearstone Venture Partners
clearstone.co (310) 460-7900
Top Local Executive Bill Elkus, Managing Director
Industry Focus Technology

Cobalt Capital
cobalt.la (310) 622-4500
Top Local Executive Rick Hess, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Consumer technology

Core Innovation Capital
corevc.com (323) 951-1505
Top Local Executive Arjan Schutte, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Financial services, payments, specialty credit,
future of work, health care, insuretech

Creative Artists Agency
caaventures.com (424) 288-2000
Top Local Executive Michael Blank, Head of Consumer Investments
Industry Focus Digital media, social, ecommerce, content, gaming

Crosscut Ventures
crosscut.vc [email protected]
Top Local Executive Brian Garrett, Managing Director
Industry Focus Consumer internet, enterprise software, gaming

Draper Frontier
draperfrontier.com (424) 354-2244
Top Local Executive David Cremin, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Mobile-driven technologies

Embark Ventures
Top Local Executive Peter Lee, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Cybersecurity, robotics/AI/ML, health technology,
advanced manufacturing and materials

Fifth Wall Ventures
fifthwall.vc (310) 270-7150
op Local Executive Brad Greiwe, Co-Founder, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Technology, real estate

Fika Ventures
fika.vc (405) 759-0034
Top Local Executive TX Zhuo, General Partner
Industry Focus Enterprise Software, fintech, marketplaces, digital health

greycroft.com (213) 896-7126
Top Local Executive Dana Settle, Partner 
Industry Focus
Digital media, ecommerce, advertising technology,
software, gaming, fintech

Griffin Gaming Partners
griffingp.com [email protected]
Top Local Executive Phil Sanderson, Managing Director 
Industry Focus

Kairos Ventures
kairosventures.com (310) 271-1866
Top Local Executive Jim Demetriades, Managing Partner 
Industry Focus
Biotechnology, health care

Mac Venture Capital 
(213) 960-3948
Top Local Executive Marlon Nichols,
Managing General Partner
Industry Focus  Media, education, commerce, fintech, food

Mucker Capital
muckercapital.com (310) 271-1866
Top Local Executive Erik Rannala, Partner
Industry Focus Internet, software

Omninet Capital 
(310) 300-4100
Top Local Executive Neil Kadisha, CEO
Industry Focus Mobile applications, medical innovations

outlander.vc [email protected]
Top Local Executive Paige Craig
Industry Focus
Health, finance

Palisades Growth Capital
palisadesgrowth.com (310) 571-6214
Top Local Executive Paul D’Addario, Co-Founder, Partner 
Industry Focus
Software, technology-enabled businesses

Plus Capital
pluscapital.com (310) 577-6700
Top Local Executive Adam Lilling, Managing Director
Industry Focus Consumer, digital media, food and beverage

Powerplant Ventures
powerplantvc.com (310) 321-7814
Top Local Executive Kevin Boylan, Partner
Industry Focus Consumer products, food technology

Pritzker Group Venture Capital
pritzkergroup.com (310) 575-9400
Top Local Executive Tony Pritzker, Founder
Industry Focus Enterprise software, consumer internet

Shea Ventures
sheaventures.com (909) 594-9500
Top Local Executive John Morrissey, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Technology

Sound Ventures
sound-ventures.com [email protected]
Top Local Executive Ashton Kutcher, Principal
Industry Focus Technology, entertainment

Steamboat Ventures
steamboatvc.com (818) 858-1890
Top Local Executive John Ball, Founder, Managing Director
Industry Focus Information technology, media

Struck Capital
(562) 289-0486
Top Local Executive Adam Struck, General partner
Industry Focus Technology, software, finance, virtual realtity

Summation Health Ventures
shv.io (562) 432-0051
Top Local Executive Brant Heise, Senior Managing Director
Industry Focus Health care

Tenoneten Ventures
Top Local Executive David Waxman, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Data, mobile, enterprise, AI, internet

Tiller Partners
tillerpartnersllc.com (510) 421-1887
Top Local Executive Csaba Konkoly, General Partner
Industry Focus Health, food, consumer, technology

Touchdown Ventures
touchdownvc.com (856) 431-3535
Top Local Executive Scott Lenet, Founder, President
Industry Focus Industry agnostic

Trousdale Ventures
trousdalevc.com (424) 343-0233
Top Local Executive Phillip Sarofim, Founder, CEO
Industry Focus Consumer brands, hospitality, life sciences

TYLT Ventures 
(310) 434-1921
Top Local Executive Rami Rostami, Managing Member
Industry Focus Consumer, ecommerce, food, fintech, AI

United Talent Agency 
(310) 273-6700
Top Local Executive Sam Wick, Head of Ventures
Industry Focus Entertainment

Upfront Ventures 
(310) 785-5100
Top Local Executive Yves Sisteron, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Software, commerce, fintech, sustainability

VIDA Ventures 
[email protected]
Top Local Executive Arie Belldegrun, MD, Co-Founder, Senior Managing Director
Industry Focus Life sciences

Wavemaker Partners
(310) 861-2103
Top Local Executive Eric Manlunas, Founder,
Managing Partner
Industry Focus Mobile, software, internet

WME Ventures 
(310) 285-9000
Top Local Executive Patrick Whitesell, Co-CEO
Industry Focus Media entetainment

Zuma Ventures
zumavc.com (310) 270-7150
Top Local Executive David Carter, CEO
Industry Focus Software

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