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American Realty Advisors
aracapital.com(213) 233-5700
Top Local Executive Stanley Iezman, CEO, Chairman
Industry Focus Retail, industrial, office, multi-family

Angeles Equity Partners
angelesequity.com (310) 844-9200
Top Local Executive Tim Meyer, Co-Founder, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Industrials

Ares Management
(310) 201-4100
Top Local Executive David Kaplan, Co-head of Private Equity Group
Industry Focus All industries

Aurora Capital Partners
auroracap.com (310) 551-0101
Top Local Executive John Mapes, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Engineered products, technology-enabled services, distribution

Avante Mezzanine Partners
avantemezzanine.com (310) 667-9242
Top Local Executive Jeri Harman, Chairman, Founding Partner
Industry Focus Business services, health care, education,
software, industrial/manufacturing

Balmoral Funds
balmoralfunds.com (310) 473-3065
Top Local Executive Jonathan Victor, Senior Managing Director
Industry Focus lower middle-market

Bison Capital Asset Management
bisoncapital.com (310) 260-6582
Top Local Executive Douglas Trussler, Managing Partner

Brentwood Associates
brentwood.com (310) 477-6611
Top Local Executive Bill Barnum, Partner
Industry Focus Consumer products and services, retail,
business services, education, restaurants

Caltius Capital Management
caltius.com (310) 996-9585
Top Local Executive James Upchurch, CEO, President
Industry Focus Business services, industrial services, health care services
and consumer products/services

Century Park Capital Partners
centuryparkcapital.com (310) 867-2210
Top Local Executive Martin Sarafa, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Specialty chemicals, medical products and services,
consumer goods, engineered products

Clearlake Capital Group
clearlake.com (310) 400-8800
Top Local Executive Jose Feliciano, Founding Managing Partner
Industry Focus Industrials and energy, software and technology-enabled services, consumer products/retail

Corridor Capital
corridorcapital.com (310) 442-7000
Top Local Executive Craig Enestein, CEO
Industry Focus Manufacturing, Business services, value-added distribution

Crescendo Capital Partners
crescendocap.com(310) 926-1314
Top Local Executive CL Turner, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Health care, light manufacturing, distribution, consumer, franchises

Energy Power Partners
energypowerpartners.com(310) 556-2370
Top Local Executive Henry Park, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Clean energy and clean power

First | Bev
firstbev.com(310) 481-5100
Top Local Executive William Anderson, CEO
Industry Focus Beverage and beverage-related companies

Freeman Spogli & Co.
freemanspogli.com(310) 444-1822
Top Local Executive Bradford Freeman, Founding Partner
Industry Focus Consumer, distribution

Gores Group
gores.com(310) 209-3010
Top Local Executive Alec Gores, CEO, Chairman
Industry Focus Technology, industrial, health care

Highview Capital, Part of Karlin Asset Management
highviewcp.com(310) 806-9780
Top Local Executive Steve Russell, Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager
Industry Focus All industries

K1 Investment Management
k1capital.com(800) 310-2870
Top Local Executive Hasan Askari, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Software

Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors
kaynecapital.com(310) 282-7900
Top Local Executive Mike Levitt, CEO
Industry Focus Energy, real estate, private credit, growth

Leonard Green & Partners
leonardgreen.com(310) 954-0444
Top Local Executive John Danhakl, Managing partner
Industry Focus Retail, consumer products, distribution, business services, health care

Levine Leichtman Capital Partners
llcp.com(310) 275-5335
Top Local Executive Matthew Frankel, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Business services, education, franchising,
light manufacturing/engineered products

Lovell Minnick Partners
lmpartners.com(310) 414-6160
Top Local Executive Jeffrey Lovell, Co-Chairman
Industry Focus Financial services, business services

Marlin Equity Partners
marlinequity.com(310) 364-0100
Top Local Executive David McGovern, Founder, Chairman, CEO
Industry Focus Software, technology, health care IT,
technology-enabled services, industrial technology

Meridian General Capital
meridiangeneral.com(310) 818-4500
Top Local Executive Ravi Rao, Founder, Chairman
Industry Focus Business services, packaging technology, travel,
manufacturing, telecomunications, life sciences

NMS Consulting Inc.
nmsconsulting.com(310) 855-0020
Top Local Executive Trevor Saliba, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Agriculture, consumer products, cybersecurity, health care,
hospitality, media, real estate, transportation

Oaktree Capital Management
oaktreecapital.com(213) 830-6300
Top Local Executive Howard Marks, CFA, Co-Chairman
Industry Focus Consumer and branded products, food and beverage,
financial services, media

Opengate Capital
opengatecapital.com(310) 432-7000
Top Local Executive Andrew Nikou, CEO, Managing Partner
Industry Focus All

Pacific Growth Investors
pacificgrowthinvestors.com(310) 359-0456
Top Local Executive Mark Sampson, Co-Founder, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Manufacturing, business services

pccpll.com(310) 414-7870
Top Local Executive William Lindsay, Partner
Industry Focus Real estate

Platinum Equity
platinumequity.com(310) 712-1850
Top Local Executive Tom Gores, CEO
Industry Focus No preferred industries

regentllp.com(310) 299-4100
Top Local Executive Michael Reinstein, CEO, Chairman
Industry Focus Media, software/technology, retail, consumer products
and services, industrial

Riverside Co.
riversidecompany.com(310) 499-5080
Top Local Executive Jeremy Holland, Managing Partner,
Origination – North America
Industry Focus Business services, consumer brands, education and training, franchisers, health care, software

RLH Equity Partners
rlhequity.com(310) 405-7200
Top Local Executive J. Christopher Lewis, Managing Director
Industry Focus Business services, health care, government services

Saybrook Capital
saybrookfunds.com(310) 899-9200
Top Local Executive Jonathan Rosenthal, Portfolio Manager
Industry Focus Business services, consumer, health care, manufacturing

Seidler Equity Partners
sepfunds.com(213) 683-4622
Top Local Executive Peter Seidler, Founding Partner
Industry Focus General industries

Shamrock Capital Advisors
shamrockcapital.com(310) 919-5401
Top Local Executive Stephen Royer, Partner
Industry Focus Media, entertainment and communications

Skyview Capital
skyviewcapital.com(310) 273-6000
Top Local Executive Alex Soltani, CEO Chairman
Industry Focus Software, telecommunications, technology,
manufacturing, business services

Solace Capital Partners
(310) 919-5401
Top Local Executive Christopher Brothers, Local Principal,
Co-Founder, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Industrial, consumer, energy, transportation and logistics,
financial services, technology, media

St. Cloud Capital
(310) 475-2700
Top Local Executive Benjamin Hom, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Middle-market companies

Transom Capital Group
(424) 293-2818
Top Local Executive Russ Roenick, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Consumer products, retail, industrial, business services, media

U.S. Renewables Group
(310) 586-3934
Top Local Executive Lee Bailey, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Renewable energy

Vance Street Capital
(310) 231-7100
Top Local Executive Richard Croswell, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Aerospace/defense, industrial, medical

Variant Equity Advisors
(310) 467-4700
Top Local Executive Farhaad Wadia, Founder, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Health care

Vicente Capital Partners
(310) 826-2255
Top Local Executive Jay Ferguson, Co-Founding Managing Partner
Industry Focus Business services, technology-enabled services,
consumer services, specialty manufacturing

Wedbush Capital Partners
(213) 688-8012
Top Local Executive Geoff Bland, Managing Director
Industry Focus Business and financial services, specialty manufacturing

Westhook Capital
(310) 550-7711
Top Local Executives Michael Hooks, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Consumer, industrial, business services,
tech-enabled serivces, health care

Yucaipa Cos.
(310) 789-7200
Top Local Executive Ron Burkle, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Grocery

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